Early Beginnings of Musical Schizophrenia

When I was little I lived in a tiny caravan park next to a coal mine for years and the music I listened to was all old stuff, girl groups mostly – The Shirelles, The Shangri-Las, the Ronettes, The Supremes … I thought they were glamour in a box. I’d dance to the records in my room with the lights off and my disco lights on (the disco lights were in the speakers of my record player – found at a car boot sale – one of the coolest things I ever owned).  For a girl who was little in the eighties, the pop equivalents at the time, for me, weren’t much. I also had an old Neil Sedaka record that used to hit the turntables fairly often. And so continued my schizophrenic musical journey, when I was a baby it was apparently all Dylan, Hendrix and heavy bands (presume that means Sabbath, Deep Purple?) I then got into metal, death metal, bits of reggae, punk, of course pop and trippy early chill out stuff like The Orbs Little Fluffy Clouds. All this was before the age of twelve and even pre-teens there was never a time when I would rule out a genre, any genre of music … although classical never caught me, I never did like it much. I’d listen to anything though, give it a chance, trawl little radio stations, sneak into friends big brothers rooms and flip through their collections, New Years parties were a good time to find new obscure shit in the adults back catalogues. Years playing in bands and working in record shops were really what developed my musical education and solidified it with a permanent borderline schizoid diversity. Lush. Life without music. Really not worth thinking about. I’ll continue this at other times no doubt  but for now here is The Orb live.