Matthew Barney vs Vanessa Paradis & The Creymaster Cycles

I love this, if I were to be a chorus girl this a look I’d go for but only on Sundays. This is taken from the Creymaster videos by Matthew Barney, which someone once told me were locked away in a vault and worth millions. I haven’t seen all of them but I have some and I love the leopard woman, the pink tartan bloody bagpipe guy (I think he is meant to symbolize sperm), Judy Dench looking most unlike herself and the girl in the box with the grapes, also the Mayday ribbons round the Chrysler building in New York. I just take it in as tiny snapshot images that kind of exist in their own right. Really it’s all about the reproductive system works and well, deep-seated high felluting intellectualization which normally irritates me in art, but I like Barney, I like his floppy lamb. This explains a bit more, the voice is creepy but isn’t everything overtly intellectualized?  …

that apart, really it’s all just bubble baths you know.

enjoy x