The Angels of Fire Are Sleeping and It Is Time We Dreamt Their Dreams

Degenerate Sweethearts and Rebel Scum was a great night. The Coach & Horses was the perfect venue, Gay Pride London was on and Soho was like something out 1960s San Francisco, hot, crazy, sexy and an amazing atmosphere. There were many moments in the evening that just stood out as something special to be watching or hearing, or just being part of. Dancing and debauchery ensued into the wee hours at Elcamino Mexicano, a tiny great little club underground in Soho. Thanks to all who came along and made the night something to remember! A special thanks to Joe for being so hot, wish you’d done it naked, Kevin Williamson by gracing us with his considerable presence, Tim Wells, Mark Walton, Darran Anderson, Lee Rourke, Iona Davis, James Rippingale, Dave Oprava, Joe Duggan, Kirsty Irving, Ashley Stokes, Geraint Hughes, Michael Curran, Vic Templar, the Heidegger barmaid and the man in the sequinned suit. For those of you who didn’t make it, I’ve put together a little movie so cuddle up with someone worth groping, put the lights out and watch it in the dark. Swing it sweet and low you punk rocker degenerates, the angels of fire are sleeping and it is time we dreamt their dreams xxx