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I have a poem in Poetry Scotland’s Open Mouse, it’s called For Wang Wei. It is inspired by Wang Wei, an 8th century High Tang chinese poet. Wang Wei was also a painter and musician. I love the way he paints nature in words, check out my homage to him below, or better still, check out some of his work yourself.

Poetry Scotland

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  1. Oh no – loved Wang Wei 40 years, and tonight flu-ridden & insomniac I can’t find your poem. Life’s bloody tragedies. I’m sure I’d have liked out as I looked the two I did find. Maybe you could drop me the link? Love Han Shan, Tao Ch’ien, Li Po too … many others. Big influence on my own work. – Thank you, and keep up there good word. Good to see beatness lives on. Best wishes, Scott Eden.

    • Hello Scott,

      Thank you, I will copy your e-mail address and find you a copy and mail it to you soon. Always good to see the beatness, thanks for getting in touch.

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