The Sunlight Pilgrims is keeping Great Company


Ola. I apologise for blogging so rarely and erratically. However, I am currently writing two novels set over one-hundred and ten years. I am also writing an animation feature film (arthouse, for adults, not that kind no) and working on my first short film as a writer/director. I’m off to America in a few weeks time for a huge trip as part of #outriders with Edinburgh International Book Festival — I am aiming to blog a lot whilst I’m there. Tonight someone tweeted to me that they had just taught their last class at Columbia and ended with The Sunlight Pilgrims. It is in such a nice stack of books it kind of disarms me. People ask about ‘the second novel’ how was it? Are you okay? How was it received? What does it mean to you? To anyone? My neighbour asked me outright as I was trying to get into my house with my shopping (wearing an old Micky Mouse t-shirt and v.grunge hair) if I thought my first book was my best one? Well, I don’t. I love The Sunlight Pilgrims. I grew as a writer with that and I did what I wanted to do. Take a risk. TSP was also on Off The Shelf’s 15 Dystopian Books for People Who Don’t Read Dystopian Novels  — again in extraordinary company and sat right up the top. These things are good for novelists. They help us keep going through the cultural wastelands armed with spears and fury. Both things, are vital for book writing. So, if I am not here so often it is because I am mostly time travelling through 110 years in two huge books that have taken over most of my life. Giving thanks for things like this though and I’ll be in NY soon, then Detroit, Chicago, Michigan, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, San Diego, LA. It seems like a dream but I’ll be typing to you from it very soon.