Marijuana Social Lounge

On our way to visit a Merry Prankster we stopped off at several places for gifts. One of those was a high-end pot bar. I would rather have visited a low-end pot bar, just to see the difference. I think it is sensible that cannabis is legalised for all kinds of reasons. People don’t have to go to dealers. There could be a more open discussion about the potency of new hybrids, which often appear (I don’t smoke anymore) at least as strong as Class A’s and should come with appropriate information about what that can mean for smokers who suffer from anxiety, or depression. I wouldn’t smoke pot if you paid me now but I used to when I was younger and I think there is far too little open dialogue around the subject, especially in the UK. There are 420 marijuana lounges in Portland, Eugene and Oregon. You can also get marijuana on prescription, which I advocate even more. I have a good friend who has MND right now and cannabis oil has been invaluable in helping his body to cope with the pain and spasms brought about by this illness. It was a curious thing for me to see this on the road so I thought I would pass it around.


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