Bangour Village Hospital (or) Edinburgh District Asylum. A short film by Jenni Fagan.

I decided to make a short film about the hospital where I was born. It is a Victorian psychiatric hospital village. The site is 222 acres in an isolated area, near a motorway, in West Lothian. It has taken me a long-time to be able to go back to this site and I suppose it’s unusual to be born & spend time in the womb, on a psych ward but that’s how it all started. There was a maternity ward opened on this site at some point but I was not born there. I have a lifelong attachment to Bangour Village Hospital (or) Edinburgh District Asylum and so I chose to shoot my first short film as a Writer/Director here. I will do a follow up article later but for now I’d like to let the work speak for itself. I wrote and shot this as a cine-poem. I am reading it and the eerie singing noise in the background was recorded in a cave with William Aikman. The film was made with a tiny crew from the wonderful Forest of Black Films in Glasgow. More to come soon but I wanted to share it for free, sent out in the spirit it was made in — for art & truth.

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