1. You are so right about the birds… I live near the Sunnyside hospital site near Montrose and it is very much owned by the birds just now (for now… soon to be redeveloped… in theory).
    I have some history with such places too. It is a very particular kind of history… but important.

  2. I was so deeply impressed by this cine poem, great thanks for creating this artwork, this Ode to the Death with No Name. The declamation is so touching, helped by the music and images, creating such an intimate voyage.

    I’ve shared the film and some impressions about it in my blog, in Portuguese (http://virtual-illusion.blogspot.pt/2017/09/um-cine-poema.html).

    By the way, I’ve tried to find the poem written but couldn’t. I would really love to read the words while re-watching the film.


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