Bangour Village Hospital (or) Edinburgh District Asylum. A short film by Jenni Fagan.

I decided to make a short film about the hospital where I was born. It is a Victorian psychiatric hospital village. The site is 222 acres in an isolated area, near a motorway, in West Lothian. It has taken me a long-time to be able to go back to this site and I suppose it’s unusual to be born & spend time in the womb, on a psych ward but that’s how it all started. There was a maternity ward opened on this site at some point but I was not born there. I have a lifelong attachment to Bangour Village Hospital (or) Edinburgh District Asylum and so I chose to shoot my first short film as a Writer/Director here. I will do a follow up article later but for now I’d like to let the work speak for itself. I wrote and shot this as a cine-poem. I am reading it and the eerie singing noise in the background was recorded in a cave with William Aikman. The film was made with a tiny crew from the wonderful Forest of Black Films in Glasgow. More to come soon but I wanted to share it for free, sent out in the spirit it was made in — for art & truth.

Please RT & share to anyone who you think might like it.


2 thoughts on “Bangour Village Hospital (or) Edinburgh District Asylum. A short film by Jenni Fagan.

  1. You are so right about the birds… I live near the Sunnyside hospital site near Montrose and it is very much owned by the birds just now (for now… soon to be redeveloped… in theory).
    I have some history with such places too. It is a very particular kind of history… but important.

  2. I was so deeply impressed by this cine poem, great thanks for creating this artwork, this Ode to the Death with No Name. The declamation is so touching, helped by the music and images, creating such an intimate voyage.

    I’ve shared the film and some impressions about it in my blog, in Portuguese (

    By the way, I’ve tried to find the poem written but couldn’t. I would really love to read the words while re-watching the film.


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