King Kong Theory

I read King Kong Theory this week. Also The Sea by Iris Murdoch which I had to really hang in with but it seems to be paying off about four chapters in. Also tried Hegel and Heidegger again and put them down again. I have got my final line up of poems for The Dead Queen of Bohemia finally and I will leave them for a week then send to publishers. It’s the last few weeks of my degree now so things are mostly caught up with that. Anyway, King Kong Theory has some interesting stuff in there. Virginie Despentes wrote and directed the film Baise-Moi, a violent rape revenge film that caused a lot of controversy when it was released. King Kong Theory has a lot to say about women, beauty, men, rape, violence, porn, aesthetics, class, I read it in an evening and it has some really interesting ideas about how women and men are kept in roles they don’t often enough question. That night there was ¬†a documentary on about a load of London feminists and although I consider myself equal to men it is not my bag, I am not anti-porn, anti-prostitution or even anti-objectification, I am pro … it is your choice, all of it, and if it is your choice then it is nobodies business but yours. Titles of chapters in the book I particularly liked were Your Arse or Mine, She’s so Depraved You Can’t Rape Her and Porno Witch. All nods to Despentes punk rock sensibilities, I like people who say it how they see it, I’ll need to check out Baise-Moi now.

Personally I tend not to think of what other people do or don’t want in words when I write, it’s futile. My protagonist in the novel I’m currently finishing transgresses boundaries and social norms in a million ways but I think she’s pretty regular, there’s just a lot of things a girls not meant to say, which means there is usually a good chance – they are the exact things worth saying.

Salut, Jx

The first task of the woman writer is to kill the Angel in the House.  Virginia Woolf.