Underground Poetix 5

Hey, I have some poems in Underground Poetix 5. Underground Poetix is an Istanbul based publication that is producing some amazing work. They translated a selection of work from Urchin Belle for their new issue, check it out if you get the chance. I always seemed to get in trouble when I was in Turkey, not quite Midnight Express but rusty nails were always in the back of my mind, I used to score off a guy who’d been in jail there an’ he used rusty nails to bring out weeping sores – you know, so’s they’d leave him alone, he was a crazy fucker an’ you had to talk to him in code, on the phone, at the door, even in his house, I guess jus’ cos you’re paranoid doesn’t meant they’re not out to get you. If you find yourself in Bodrum though, check out the Penguin cafe right at the end of the main way, it has beautiful views over the ocean an’ does divine cakes.

Other work going out soon is new UK stuff, some in USA, some in a New Zealand anthology which is nice after the hardback last year over there, also a broadside in India, and this one in Istanbul, not bad for a girl who is still appalling at sending work out. What’s nice is half of these people found me which is nice, I like that my poetry’s travelling, long may it continue to do so. Salut, salut Jx

We All Thought We Were Forever Once – Urchin Belle on Kilmog Press

Urchin Belle is out now in New Zealand. It can be purchased from Kilmog Press for $45.00 plus $10.00 for international postage. It is an extremely limited edition and is currently on sale in bookshops and galleries in Auckland.

Urchin Belle has began to have its own life that is nothing to do with me in a way and I like that. I think about how some French philosopher wrote that the breakers of automatons would be people who exist on a periphery that no authority can subjugate. I don’t know about me personally now, but I know the people in Urchin Belle fitted that description to extremes. A few people I love who are in there were some of the best friends I have known and most of us didn’t make it. We all thought we were forever once. I was lucky to know them when I did. For me personally, that is part of what makes this collection the antithesis of commodity. It’s too personal to parade. It is a collection I have at times found difficult to read from, especially later, when drunk, thinking about why it is I am standing doing poems that are a bit absent in the old, crowd pleasing, heart warming, funny funny vein that a lot of poets go for? I guess this book was just never about that, it’s for those who never were, for the dreamers, for the closet poetry readers of this world, it is for all the Urchin Belles of ever, and it is for anyone who ever got the ugly beauty,  stood outside and looked in.

I have always abhorred style over content in words and music and stuff. Thanks to Dean at Kilmog Press and Geraint at Blackheath who first published it in the UK, Urchin Belle has style to match its content. I salute it on its way. I like that it is going places I have never been, long may it continue to do so.

Thanks to anyone who bought the sold out UK print on Blackheath books. To purchase a copy from Kilmog please contact Dean on kilmogpress@hotmail.com

Kilmog Press